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Gabion Wall Fence

High-quality Admax Gabion Wall/Fence is made from exceptional raw materials through a systematic process orchestrated under the supervision of professionals!


About Admax Gabions

Admax Gabions aims to manufacture the best gabion retaining wall with the help of high-class raw materials that can help constructors and builders to strengthen their fortification, create natural drainage, and build the best retaining wall. Additionally, we are focused on delivering the best construction and fortification solutions to businesses within and outside the UAE with the promise of high quality, longer lifetime, exceptional durability, and added strength.

Our company has earned an experience of more than a decade. Since our launch in the market, we have always stayed ahead of the competition by delivering innovative and promising solutions to your clients. Furthermore, our versatile project range ensures we can quickly satisfy all our clients and efficiently meet their expectations.

What are gabions and their use?

Gabions are specially Customized boxes used in construction, barriers, and architecture. They are constructed with stainless steel or iron wire mesh having different pocket sizes. Each box is filled with stones of different colors and sizes for further fortification. We are experienced in customizing the overall gabion structures and shapes according to our client's requirements. Therefore, we can quickly meet their expectations without any further hassle.


Over the years, the construction industry has developed a lot, and new blocks have been introduced to the market. The gabion is a wire mesh block that can quickly help strengthen the fortification and establish a natural drainage system. We have used the gabions to construct an array of products for construction and architecture. This is why we at Admax Gabions have become one of the best companies in the UAE.

We are known for manufacturing the best gabions with customized shapes and structures to cater to the requirements of our clients.

Gabions are eco-friendly and a sustainable building solution. Not only are they more potent, but gabions are pretty affordable when compared to several other construction materials.

Why choose Admax Gabions?

  • We will offer you competitive solutions for construction, ensuring your business can quickly get the upper hand in the race and over your competitors.
  • Our solutions are adaptable. We can use different source types according to our client’s demands, ensuring we can easily offer the best solutions to our customers.
  • We offer eco-friendly construction and fortification units in the form of gabions. The stones we use are obtained from natural sources along with steel rods.
  • Our professionals ensure the gabions are well-constructed with strong reinforcements using spiral binders. So, our gabions are highly stable without any wobble.
  • We offer shorter lead times to ensure that our products can quickly satisfy our clients and that the orders are delivered right on time without compromising the overall quality.
  • Admax Gabions take care of the aesthetic appearance of the gabions in terms of shapes, structures, and stone colors.

Want the best gabions for your construction architectures? Admax Gabions is here for you!


If you want the best gabion retaining wall, do not wait any longer and connect with our consultants at the earliest. We offer the best quality products with enhanced aesthetics, excellent stability, and higher durability.

“connect yourself with nature”

Nature is one of the most critical aspects of our lives. It provides us with so much, including beauty and tranquility. Stepping onto the stone setups can be therapeutic. Admax Gabion brings an eco-friendly aesthetic design to your spaces. contact our expert team now at +971 50 3007123 and [email protected]

Admax gabion products

Best part of this product is sustainability and eco-friendly.

Admax Gabions

Gabions are cage or box fabricated from welded Mesh or woven/hexagonal mesh of heavily galvanized steel wire. Admax Gabions comes in rectangular, square or any custom shape as per client requirement. We can fill it with natural materials such as concrete, stones, slag rocks, sandstone, bluestone, wood or any earthly material.

Gabions has variety of uses in civil engineering, landscaping, military application, road construction and it’s the effective way to provide underwater foundation of buildings. Now, Gabion basket, box and other gabions design provide great opportunities to get creative in the garden with naturals and plants.

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We promise that you’ll enjoy working with us!!!
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