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Gabions are cage or box fabricated from welded Mesh or woven/hexagonal mesh of heavily galvanized steel wire. Admax Gabions comes in rectangular, square or any custom shape as per client requirement. We can fill it with natural materials such as concrete, stones, slag rocks, sandstone, bluestone, wood or any earthly material.

Gabions has variety of uses in civil engineering, landscaping, military application, road construction and it’s the effective way to provide underwater foundation of buildings. Now, Gabion basket, box and other gabions design provide great opportunities to get creative in the garden with naturals and plants.

Application of Gabions:

There are numerous applications of gabions and some are below given:

  • Gabions have been used throughout the world as wall elements for erosion control projects, soil reclamation work, retaining structures and stream channel linings.
  • Gabion have an application mostly in road engineering, e.g. construction of roads, embankments, retaining walls, slope protection, water barriers etc.
  • Gabion can be used in the construction of pond and damn walls, as well as cladding for building structures.
  • Gabions can be used in landscapes as retaining walls, Architectural cladding for walls and buildings, decorative site walls, seating walls, accent walls and Gabion can also be used as a foundation or filler for various outdoor structures more.
  • Gabions are also used in the military services specifically to protect the areas like sleeping quarters, mess halls, or any place where there would be a large concentration of unprotected soldiers against explosive, fragmentary, indirect fires such as mortar or artillery fire.
  • Gabions are also used for aircraft revetments, blast walls, and similar structures.

Gabions Advantages at a glance:

Gabions have many advantages. Some of the best advantages are below:

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Eco-friendly
  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Economical
  • Perfect for all type of soil and climate conditions
  • Ease of handling and transportation
  • Speed of construction
  • Flexibility (Gabions tolerate movement)
  • Aesthetically appearances
  • High adaptability
  • Bridge abutments
  • Flood control
  • Gabion fireplace
  • Bridge wing wall
  • Gabion structure control noise pollution due to its high stability and density
  • They can survive life for years after rusting of gabion as they resist corrosion
  • Attractive for landscaping design like retaining walls, decorative site walls, seating walls, accent walls and more.
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