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Admax Gabion Accessories

Admax offers a wide range of accessories and tools used to assemble and install welded wire and twisted mesh gabions. This includes a variety of spiral joints, hog rings, U clips tie wire, hog ring guns, lid and corner closure tools. and stiffeners. As connectors, these accessories play a pivotal role in assembling a gabion basket and fastening gabion units together. Below are the images of our Gabions accessories:

Spiral wire

Spiral joints are considered the commonest yet strongest connectors for assembling welded gabion

Hog rings / C rings

Hog rings, also known as C rings, are the second choice after spiral joints. They’re cost saving and easy to assemble using pneumatic C ringer. They’re easy to use as well as no sharp edges are left to avoid people getting hurt.

U clips

U clips, made of stainless steel, are ideal for connecting gabion panels to make a decorative cage. They can be easily fastened using needle nosed pliers. They are recommended to use U clips every 150 mm to 200 mm around the cage.

Gabion stiffeners

Gabion stiffeners, also known as gabion spacer, are designed to be placed in every corner to reinforce gabion cages. Stiffener rods are used to keep gabion baskets square and prevent bulging

Gabion Tie Wire Roll

PVC or galfan coated tying wire used to attach gabion corners and lids as well as connecting Gabions together

Pneumatic Hog Ring Gun

This pneumatic C- ringer gun is specially engineered to be used with high tensile strength hog rings in the construction of gabion walls for a variety of applications in the hardscape, civil construction, erosion control, and landscape industries.

U Clip Tool

The ideal manual hand tool for connecting wire mesh panels, fencing, and gabions. The clip tool is designed to be used with gabion clips which close between 8mm to 10mm, and so can be used on wires with a combined thickness up to 10mm.

Manual Hog Ring Tool

Designed for professionals who install gabion baskets, fences and traps. Tool for Gabion closure.

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