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Admax Defense Barrier / Military Barrier / Flood Barrier / Blast Wall Barrier

Admax is the emerging brand which has its own USP. Admax barrier is one of the product range of this brand. Admax barriers are made especially for military use and several other applications. It is made of a collapsible wire mesh container and heavy-duty fabric liner and used as a temporary to the semi-permanent structure.

It is deployed from a container, which is dragged along the line of ground where the barrier is to be formed, unfolding up to several hundred meters of barrier in minutes, ready for filling with soil by a backhoe loader.

Easy Handling and Installation, Long Lasting and Economic comparatively is the key quality of Admax Barriers.

Admax Barriers Application:

Admax Barriers, with exceptional strength, unique design, and best quality available in the UAE market.

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