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Advantage of Gabion Walls in the Landscape

Advantage of Gabion Walls in the Landscape

Landscaping is perhaps one of the most difficult tasks, especially when the slope is uneven or the soil is not robust enough to hold the structure together. This is why many contractors use supportive structures that can easily sustain the surrounding pressure to be placed on the ground, establish a proper drainage system, and balance the slope.

Although there are several intricacies with which landscaping can be strong, the gabion wall has become the most preferred one for the benefits it provides. This article describes gabion walls, their advantages, and the challenges you might face while using them for landscaping.

What is a gabion wall?

First and foremost, it’s important to learn what a gabion wall is. Gabions are solid structures of various shapes and sizes made with a wire mesh. The mesh has holes of different sizes as per the requirement. Once the framework is prepared, the interior is filled with sand, river stones, or anything like these items.

Since stones and other heavyweight items are added to the gabion structure, the structure is stable and won’t wobble. A gabion wall is made by stacking multiple gabion boxes together in a vertical shape. Although it can be used in various ways, landscaping is the major area where it is used.

How is gabion wall ideal for landscaping?

Before you install the gabion wall in your landscape, knowing about its benefits is crucial. This way, you can make a well-informed decision with ease. Here are some of the benefits of the gabion walls.

1. Adds Texture: One of the many reasons why gabion walls are used in landscaping is to add texture to the landscape. Usually, when you are designing the landscape, you require certain elements that can create a natural look while adding a rustic touch. This is where the gabion wall comes into play. Using the wire mesh and the stones to fill the structures will add a wonderful texture to the landscape.

2. Establish drainage system: Landscaping is not easy when you have a soil structure with a poor drainage system. You won’t be able to grow plants or keep the entire landscape in proper condition after a shower. Therefore, using the gabion walls will be helpful since they allow proper water drainage. For instance, if you fill the gabions with fuller earth or river stones, the materials will allow the water to filter out properly and directly go to the underground water table.

3. Stabilizes the ground: If the soil in your area is extremely soft, clayey, or sandy, you won’t be able to keep everything in a proper position. For instance, if you want to install a fountain, you won’t be able to do so with softer soil. This is why you need the gabion wall to stabilize the structures appropriately.



In this article, we have walked you through some of the fundamentals of the gabion wall in landscaping. You now understand the advantages of using this specific structure to build the landscape.  Admax Gabion brings an eco-friendly aesthetic setup to your spaces. contact our expert team now at +971 50 3007123 and

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