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What type of rocks are used in the Gabion box

What type of rocks are used in the Gabion box

Have you seen walls, columns, floors, and other structures made of wire mesh and stones?

If yes, then you are probably wondering what they are called because, to be honest, they can add incredible beauty to the overall landscape, stability to the structures, and even level out the slopes easily. These structures are known as gabions and can be arranged in different ways to form pillars, floors, stairs, walls, and many more.

However, the fundamental construction unit of all these structures is the gabion box. It is made out of a wire mesh with different heights, breadth, and lengths. In other words, the volume of the gabion boxes can be different based on the structure to be created and the construction area where it will be installed.

What material is used to fill the gabion box?

Although there are several materials with which the gabion boxes can be filled, most people use rocks to fill the structures and stabilize them appropriately. These rocks are made from different materials and come in various shapes and sizes. Since gabions have a rustic touch, the rocks are collected from natural sources, so you can see their surfaces have uneven shapes.

Factors to consider to choose rocks for gabions

There are certain factors based on which you can choose the rocks for the gabion box. We have briefly discussed them in the below section for your better understanding.

1. Stone shape: As we discussed earlier, you will have complete freedom in choosing the stone shapes for filling the gabion boxes. It can be the pebbled shape usually found in cobblestone pathways or with rough, irregular edges like the broken stones from large rocks.

2. Size of gabion stones: You must also check the stone size for filling the gabion boxes. If the wire mesh has smaller holes, you can choose pebbled-sized stones to fill the boxes. Similarly, if the mesh has larger holes, you must use larger stones, almost the size of the river stones. You need to use stones with sizes larger than the size of the wire mesh holes. This way, the rocks won’t fall out of the gabions.

3. Strength and durability: The next factor you need to check for is the strength and durability of the stones used in the gabion box. For instance, you cannot use charcoal or coal because they are amorphous and cannot retain solid structures. Similarly, if you use large chunks of rocks, the wire mesh won’t be able to hold their weight. So, you need stones with the right strength that stabilize the gabion boxes and are highly durable.

What are the popular rocks used to fill the gabion boxes?

There are multiple options for the rocks or stones with which you can fill the gabion box. Following are some of the choices you have in hand.

a. River stones are quite large and heavy, which is why they are ideal for constructing larger gabion boxes. You won’t have any problem stabilizing the boxes.

b. Pebbles: Although pebbles are usually found in smaller sizes, you can get the larger ones that can be kept inside the boxes to stabilize them.

c. Broken rock pieces: The broken rock pieces are another amazing rock option for the gabion boxes.


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