About Admax Group

Admax Group is the UAE based group of trading and manufacturing companies leading the market with its products, services and supplies. Our professionals team are experts in their areas of operation and they are dedicated to provide the best possible services. We invented the Admax brand, brand of quality, brand of trust, brand of values, always dedicated to deliver the best and add maximum value in your investment.

We started our ride in 2013 as a general trading company to see promising opportunities around us. Today we are proud to say we added Admax Metal Industries during this journey and made it Admax Group. We believe Dream, Dare, Determination, Dedication and Deadlines are the 5 D’s of excellence. It’s the base of our expedition.

We would love to introduce our one of tailor made product Admax Gabions. Gabion is a wire cage or box filled with earthly materials such as stone, concrete, slag rocks or soil for use in civil engineering, erosion control, road building, military applications and landscaping etc. apart from that there are so many innovative use out of this product and we can use it for interior or exterior designing.
Best part of this product is sustainability and eco-friendly.

Several different design configurations are possible with gabions.
You can give wings to your imagination with the Admax Gabion Box.

We have a passionate team of Gabion Experts to add max value in your ideas. Our highly motivated, multi-disciplined management teams combined knowledge and experience guarantees exceptional outcomes for our clients.

We promise that you’ll enjoy working with us!!!

Our Vision

We aspire to be a global leader in the gabion industry to provide reliable, innovative and quality manufactured gabions and gabion related products, we strive to deliver excellence service and solutions to our customers because we value our customers and their satisfaction is our ultimate goal.


Our mission is to appreciate the uniqueness of each customer’s requirements to provide utmost value-adding service to the customer as it reflects in our company name Admax.

Our Values

Innovation, Quality, Team-work, excellence and customer satisfaction are five core values of the Admax Group.