Why Admax Gabions

Certifications: Admax gabions are manufactured in accordance with the industrial standards and our certification proves our credibility to the market. As global market increases, there are more clients that are seeking safe, reliable, and, eco-friendly products. Thus, to deliver our credibility we provide Material Test Certificate (MTC), and certification reports which demonstrates our compliance with mandatory or as per client requirements.

Environmentally Friendly: Recycled materials such as concrete or rock waste from a construction projects can be placed into the gabion cage. Our gabions do not have a negative impact on the environment compared to concrete structures, which can leave a high carbon footprint as gabions elements are environmentally friendly. It is a low-cost alternative to concrete or masonry structures.

Admax gabions are strong and long-lasting as it has a very high resistance to natural forces such as flood, torrential, ice and earth pressure due to better tensile strength and flexibility of wire mesh used.

Admax gabions can be reinvented for many gardens uses like benches, outdoor fire surrounds, fence foundations, pond surrounds, planters, even pillars for water taps which blends easily & harmoniously because of its natural outlook & surroundings.

Admax has been offering clients a wide range of Gabion products with competitive prices.